Get High Lyrics

Lil Wayne & The Sqad - Get High Lyrics

[Lil' Wayne]
(+I Get High+ repeats in background)
SQ - thats what we do
Weezy Baby Gudda Gudda
Y'all ready know we always git too gangsta on s***
Me and my Bra we gon hold SQ down - yall hear me
FEE i see you hoe - t.streets i see you baby
Raj Smoove nugga - SQ nugga
Josh - Sha - Mul' Baby

y'kno tha boy Gudda from down under
f*** around and git cha b**** a** tucked down under tha ground
keep that big black banger
under tha seat
ta hit a n****
let em know that i aint f***in around
i got that work ready - o's or pounds
dope or brown
im on tha strip hustlin
holdin it down
im in tha big g500 smokin a pound
24 inch rims puttin holes in tha ground
ima a young boss n**** puttin c**e in ya town
this summers 500 f**got give him his crown
b**** n****z hatin
git a ice - grill and a frown
p**** n****z like brandy man they wanna be down
n****, its real gangsta
if i aint got my gun
b**** im gon s**** ya
gudda is danger
i send a shot ta tha right side of ya thinker

[Lil' Wayne]
so think again
we bang with timbs
my n**** we bang with .4s
thats what being gangsta for
this sqad up s*** gon hurt u like a canker sore
im bout ta start treatin you n****z like w****s
weezy baby that n****z that boay
and ykno that i git high
riddin with lil gudda gudda in that same big a** '5
its that sqad s*** i really miss that guy
that got called up ta tha sky
but when i hit that lye
its like im eye ta eye
cuz i chief it all from lime - pine ta camba
so git in line and twine fine them shotgun
boy what chu kno bout
tokin on that aloha
or pourin up some syrup dropin it in yo soda
showdy we git towed down
erey night is a throw down
aiy ereyday still a sqad day
sqalla gimme that bottle i give it back ta you hollow
git b**** and hear perform like showtime at thee apollo
my charge is on
dawg i get so high
cita say when she gave birth she knew a star was born
i git p***ed when tha gar is torned
but i just fix my s***
and fill it with that water grown
i git - weezy baby weezy baby and gudda gudda
i git - weezy baby weezy baby and gudda gudda
its weezy baby weezy baby and gudda gudda
i git (High) we sqad up

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