Best of Me Lyrics

Lil Wayne & The Sqad - Best of Me Lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Somebody tell Fed (Fee Baby) ta halla at me man
s***, Louie Baby Wayne Baby
Murda, yes ya'll in Weezy Baby SQADing
Take pictures wit' bricks, some of them wit' quarters
Send 'em cross the border
My b****es originally from across the border
But once mami cross the border ta my hideaway across the border
She lie across the floor an we toss the w****
I'ma floss fa' sure
Cuz my whip is costin' more than all of yours put together
I'm good forever I'm, reppin' my hood
Whenever - Whatever - However you want it
I'm mad at ya homie, hotter than pebbles over the stove in the mornin'
And I'm, over the stove in the mornin' wit' a boy cookin' some arm'an hammer
I, swung wit' the ham in my arm full of ammo
Face painted like the black sambo, strapped like Rambo
Can't no, body see the d*** flo'
I have his body see the d*** flo'
I'm so groovy, I might know how ta play a f***in' banjo
But I never try and when I was 12 I took a bullet like a man yo
But I never died, I'm here now, I'm that child ta'da
I let the tec bla'daow, If ya sat'daown
Oh boy let 'cha hair down ma, ain't got no brain on my sports car
And showty came outta sports bra, becuz I came on her sports bra
I got game like a sports broad, guess the Wayne you broad master
I have my boys m********* on ya broad faster
Bag the heart in a plastic
And watch how I go hard on the 'Ave wit' it
I move a Jag tinted in ya residential
This wagon so tight it might pinch you
Ice so bright it might irk you
Slid in our coupe, rims might hurt you
Interior a murd'you sheesh
I got work on every ounce skirting
I got her house - skirt out - out shurfing
I'm the boy, I said I'm the boy man
Mami can't avoid that my air on Jordans
She can't lie cuz I glide on cuz she try'na ride wit' me
Becuz I scown down my knees baby
She not hatin' cuz I rip on G tables
But she love ta ride the back of the fo' wheel-a on Datins
We skatin', you waitin' she real late and d*** you real patient
We real players, but we really don't play like
Josers fo' take got doja all yay
Got bread, got toasted parcay thats all doe all day
I knocks off hoes all days
I'm mackin' vicious, ask ya girl 'bout my d***
She say thats delicious
Ask ya girl did she spit she say thats nutritious
Ask her did she get flipped she say thats tradition
If she say she didn't thats suspicious
You need ta stop listenin' ta them nasty b****es
Three , two , one, Carolina Blue Kicks
Carolina Blue fitted, Carolina Blue whip
Carolina Blue twentys, Carolina Blue seats
Carolina Blue ice, Carolina Blue bikes
Carolina Blue lights, Carolina Blue jerseys
Carolina Blue gators, aw f*** it my favorite team is the Lakers
Laker Yellow 'Lambo, Laker Yellow 'rrari
Laker Yellow 9.11, Laker Yellow mami
Laker Yellow Converse, Laker Yellow Remy
Laker Yellow number eight Kobe Bryant autentic
I'ma autentic n**** and so is my click
Weezy Baby, I just murder this s***, halla back
Ok a-huh, ok a-huh, ok a-huh
You already know man this ya boy man
Tell 'em my name, a-huh c'mon
Weezy Baby (7x) he eh

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